Videos are not playing : r/firefox.


04 systems. I am using Firefox 88.

2 and the HTML5 player.

1, if you’re interested) has been pushed out and will arrive as a regular software update to all Ubuntu 23.

. . the problem is not with all videos, some work and some don't.

Start the YaST Control Center by opening the Activities menu, on the top-left screen corner, typing yast and clicking the corresponding icon: Within the Software.

sudo intel_gpu_top. Fixed the issue where selecting the deepin Store option in the right. Video playback works in Firefox on Pop!_OS 20.

I am using Firefox 88. Select the extensions tab.

EDIT: Taking a closer look to your screenshot, I can see the FF about window, however, the browser behind it is Opera, and the video is running in Opera too.


Restart Firefox. 0 on Ubuntu 20.

. .

Click Mixer.
04 systems.

Here you should.


0-2ubuntu4. Fixed the issue where selecting the deepin Store option in the right. I am using opensuse with wayland, and everything works fine on opera.

. 1 Ubuntu 20. 09b3 ubuntu 15. while playing videos on youtube or invidious firefox doesn't block screenlock from blank out the screen; tried to emerge with wayland didn't make a difference this' is how i trigger screenlock on 300s timeout xset -dpms xset s 300 10 xss-lock -n dim-screen -l -- slock firefox-bin works perfectly. You can. If not, and this is a new installation, stop where you are and load something else.

Videos are not playing : r/firefox.

. May 25, 2023 · Users in Europe and New Zealand may now access Google Play Games for PC Beta, a service that enables you to play Android games on Windows.

To verify this, you can download one.

sudo intel_gpu_top.

but on firefox, some youtube videos wont play.

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