Unit 4: Lesson 4 - Surface Area of Triangular Prisms.

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This is a right triangular prism.

School Videos. 6. A.

Figure \(\PageIndex{11}\) Solution.

. fc-falcon">Answer key Find the surface area of each triangular prism. S A = 24 + 216 S A = 240 c m 2.

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From there, we’ll tackle trickier objects, such as cones and spheres.


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A 3D shape with a circular cross-section is a cylinder. .

You can use a net to find the surface area of a triangular prism.
Cylinder 10.
fc-falcon">FIrst half is from Nathan Kraft's excellent Surface Area Intro.



We will introduce the appropriate formulae for these calculations and practise determining which measures within a diagram will be appropriate to use in our formulae. 9 ft 7 ft 4. School Videos.

Figure. 629 views 2 years ago Grade 6 Workbook Page Answer Keys. . . The length of each side is 8 inches and the width of each side is 6 inches. A.

Ch 10.

Simply put, the surface area of a 3d figure is nothing but the area of its net. School Videos.

24 km 18 km 25 km 7 km 3.

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B - Surface area = 58.


The answer is B.