Both types of valves work as overpressure valves, protecting piping systems, equipment, and vessels from excessive pressure.


Conforms to API 526. Integral Cast Flanges.

Plain Cap, open test lever and packed test lever.

For NACE Service (S7 Trim), substitute ethylene propylene.

Full Nozzle Design. 3. Crosby – JOS/JO Series, JBS/JS Series.

All of the calculations are performed per the.

. Semi and Full Port Nozzle Design. 8 cm Farris Saddle Pads Size Category Full Size Pony Size Inches CM Inches CM Drop 21.

For NACE Service (S7 Trim), substitute ethylene propylene. 3800 Series PORV Exploded View Animation; Farris Smart.


1) An example to understand the concept of CDTP in relief valve.

A pioneer in the field, Farris Engineering created many products that remain industry standard. 573 sq2) Set Pressure Ranges: 15 to 6500 psig (1.

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If the serial number is not available, the original Farris factory order number will help us supply the proper part and material.
Conforms to API 526.
Crosby OMNI­TRIM Pressure Relief Valves.



achieved by isolating the upper valve chamber and eliminating. Typical Blowdown of 3-6%. Typical Blowdown of 3-6%.

These valves are available in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inlet sizes with a. Selection of the pressure relief valve. I am using Farris Size master. cw-valvegroup. Farris 2600/2600L Series Process Valve. 3800 Series PORV Exploded View Animation; Farris Smart.

Connection size and type.

balanced design pressure relief valve. Farris Engineering 2600 Series Liquid trim valves are also due.


In control valve we have come across the concept of Inherent valve characteristics and installed valve characteristics.

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The relief valve orifice (actually nozzle) flow equations can be found in ASME Section VIII or API RP-520 which is intended to supplement the information in ASME Section VIII.

Units shown in SI for use in equations: kg=kilogram, m=meter, N=Newton, s=second (the calculator allows a variety of units).